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    Compressed air

    And you can cut off all the typical accessories of a pneumatic system such as compressors, valves, fittings, filters, pipes, etc….

    Reducing the number of components required in an automation system, the risks of breakdowns, the mechanical wear and the need to obtain spare parts are reduced.

    As they say, 'the fewer the better'...

    This enables a significant reduction in installation costs, but above all in maintenance and logistics.

Serialpicker drastically REDUCES
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    As there are no valves and pneumatic devices, noise is drastically reduced to a minimum level.

    In high-performance automation cycles, noise is often an indicator of energy consumption. Especially for fast cycles, the high noise level generated by a pneumatic cylinder means that a lot of energy is literally disappearing into the air.

    And this brings us directly to the delicate subject of energy consumption.

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    Power consumption

    Serialpicker is a low-voltage electrical device and draws power only when it is in motion.

    When the motor is at standstill or running at a constant speed, it does not absorb any power other than that required to overcome friction.

    The kinetic energy that occurs during braking is converted into electrical energy in the motor (via the generator effect) and stored to be used for the next cycle.

Serialpicker ADDS
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    Extreme dynamics

    A speed up to 6.8 m/s and accelerations of over 400 m/s2 allow Serialpicker to achieve short positioning times and high timing cycles.

  2. 2

    Thanks to its electric drive, Serialpicker offers the advantage of easier reconfiguration and greater flexibility.

    Serialpicker can be freely programmed, is not affected by load changes and can be started and stopped without problems.

    This allows for greater flexibility in the design of production processes and production monitoring systems.

  3. 3
    Direct Drive Technology

    The Serialpicker actuation system is a direct drive technology type, in other words, the motor directly drives the load.

    The linear motion is generated purely electrically and wear-free, without any intermediate coupling of mechanical gearboxes, pulleys, screws or belts.

    As there are no intermediate devices, the kinematic chain inevitably reduces, eliminating the reversal backlash typical of mechanical gearbox systems.

  4. 4
    Programmable positions

    When the work cycle requires:

    • More than two positions*.
    • That the positions need to be changed via software.
    • Synchronous operation with a main drive.

    Serialpicker provides the most cost-effective and powerful solution.

    * Due to the high operating costs of cylinders and pneumatic systems, Serialpicker can also be an alternative in simple point-to-point movements even with only two end positions.

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    Programmable thrust force

    The accurate torque control of Serialpicker makes it ideal also for press-fit applications in assembly machines.

  6. 6
    Integrated safety function

    To avoid accidental start-ups, Serialpicker drives have a safe torque off (STO) function to safely shut down the final power stage.

    By activating the STO input, torque inhibition is enabled in the motor with a high level of safety, preventing the motor from moving.


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Available SIZES

Serialpicker SP1

pick and place con motori lineari, quale taglia scegliere

Drive: electric, direct drive linear motor.

Repeatability: ±0.05mm (with external encoder ±0.02mm)

Available strokes on Y-axis: 100-200-300mm

Available strokes on Z-axis: 50-100-200mm

Max speed: up to 6,8 m/s

Payload: up to 3Kg

Serialpicker SP2

pick&place con motori lineari, quale taglia scegliere

Drive: electric, direct drive linear motor.

Repeatability: ±0.05mm (with external encoder ±0.02mm)

Available strokes on Y-axis: 100-200-300-400mm

Available strokes on Z-axis: 50-100-200-300mm

Max speed: up to 6,8 m/s

Payload: up to 5Kg

Serialpicker SP3

high-speed robot con motori lineari, quale taglia scegliere

Drive: electric, direct drive linear motor.

Repeatability: ±0.05mm (with external encoder ±0.02mm)

Available strokes on Y-axis: 100-200-300-400-500mm

Available strokes on Z-axis: 50-100-200-300mm

Max speed: up to 3,2 m/s

Payload: up to 8Kg

Serialpicker, a complete package ready to use!

Serialpicker is a complete kit.
You don’t have to think about any interface or integration, just choose the field bus!
Serialpicker pick&place con motori lineari, quali bus di campo scegliere, profinet, etherCAT o altro

The DRIVES package includes:

Mechanical Components

Complete modules with linear motors for Y and Z-axis.

All necessary mechanical interface brackets.

Adjustable mounting bracket and swallow-tail clamps.

Corrugated cable carrier package complete with adjustable brackets.

Electronic Components

Electronic Components Drives kit.

Power supply 72V/500W.

Set of connectors.

Set of Cables for dynamic laying in standard lengths of 2, 4, 6 and 8m.

DRIVES in a nutshell

Serialpicker is the result of the integration of tubular linear motors with precision mechanics.
The result? A compact, ready-to-use solution that simplifies and improves serial assembly operations.

Password flexibility

The electric linear modules that are part of Serialpicker can be combined according to the stroke and load requirements of your application.


Position, speed and force control

Serialpicker’s servo drives are capable of performing optimally tasks from simple point-to-point to interpolated movements.


Mounting and positioning? Nothing could be simpler!

The dove-tail clamps profile, obtained from the key points of the Serialpicker, simplifies the optimal and reversible positioning of the Y and Z axes and accessory components.

Serialpicker l'high-speed robot pick and place sviluppato per automazioni ad alta cadenza

Serialpicker talks to everyone!

The wide variety of interfaces and field bus communication protocols available ensures easy integration with all control systems and logic controllers.


Zero gravity device, here!

A magnetic spring, installed parallel to the Z axis, allows the load to be compensated during the cycle and prevents it from falling out passively in the absence of power.


All inclusive formula!

The Serialpicker suite includes everything! Mechanical parts, drives, the power supply as well as cables for dynamic laying in standard lengths of 2, 4, 6 and 8 m.

Serialpicker Drives

For every need of point to point profiles or NC motion applications,
DRIVES has the right motion control drive for your application!
Serialpicker pick&place con motori lineari, come selezionare i drive

Point to Point.

Absolute/relative positioning commands.

Motion controls with “S” curves.

Base-time curves already stored.

Real-time interpolation.

Synchronized controls.

Control via Logic controller or internal profiles.

Comando con I/O digitali e analogici.

SafeTorque Off (STO).

Interface for additional incremental or absolute encoder.

“Plug and Play” motor connection.


Configuration via Ethernet.

Serialpicker pick and place robot con motori lineari, quale azionamento scegliere

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